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Faculty / Staff Handbook

Faculty handbook

*Consult the Health Science Center Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP) for circumstances not covered by the School of Nursing HOP.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Mission and Goals
1.1 UTHSCSA Mission, Role, Scope
1.2 School of Nursing Mission, Vision and Goals
1.3 Total Program Systematic Evaluation Plan
1.4 Strategic Plan
Chapter 2 - Administrative Policies and Guidelines
2.1 SON Organizational Chart
2.2 Structure and Governance
2.3 blank
2.4.1 Dean
2.4.2 Blank
2.4.3 Job Description-Associate Dean for Research Job Description-Assistant Dean for Research
2.4.4 Job Description-Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Job Description-Assistant Dean for Undergraduate / Graduate Studies
2.4.5 Job Description-Associate Dean for Students
2.4.6 Director of Nursing Continuing Education
2.4.7 Vice Dean for Practice and Engagement
2.4.8 Director of Clinical Skills
2.4.9 Department Chairs

Vice Department Chairs

2.4.11 Director of Development
2.4.12 Nurse Practitioner Program Coordinator


Program Director
2.4.14 Track/Specialty Coordinator
2.4.15 Blank
2.4.16 Clinical Liaison
2.4.17 Teaching Assistant
2.5.1 Role responsibility - Faculty Teaching in Undergraduate Program (Classroom)
2.5.2 Role responsibility - Faculty Teaching in Graduate Program
2.5.3 Role responsibility - Course Coordinator Guidelines Undergraduate Nursing Program
2.5.4 Role responsibility - Course Coordinator Guidelines Graduate Nursing Program
2.5.5 Role responsibility - Faculty Teaching in Undergraduate Program (Clinical)
2.6 Rights, Responsibilities, and Duties of Faculty
2.7 Faculty Assignments and Workload
2.8 Full-Time Faculty Outside Work and Compensation Policy
2.9 Blank
2.10 New Faculty
2.11 Faculty Development Leave Policy
2.12 Evaluation of Academic Administrators
2.12.1 SON Eval Post-Tenure Review Process for Assoc Deans/Directors/Chairs/Coordinator
2.13 Evaluation of Faculty Members
2.14 Policy Regarding Absence from Usual and Regular Duties
2.15 Blank
2.16 Termination, Resignation, and Transfer
2.17 Student Compliant Process
2.19 Gift Processing Procedure
2.20 Travel Policies and Procedures
2.21 Faculty Pursuing Doctoral Degrees
2.22 Student Absence to Observe Religious Holy Day(s)
2.23 Faculty and Staff Communication of Opinion to Lay Publications and Public Officials
2.24 Continuing Education Involvement in SON Programs
2.25 Faculty Liability Coverage Provided by the State
2.27 Faculty Development
2.28 Endowed Professorship
2.29 Emeritus Information
2.30 Political Activities
2.31 Broadcast Email Policy
2.32 Documentation of Official Academic Credentials
2.33 Student Health Center Organization Chart
Chapter 3 - Faculty Promotion and Tenure
3.1 Promotion and Tenure Statement of Beliefs
3.2 SON Procedures for Application for Promotion and/or Tenure
3.3.1 Blank
3.3.2 Promotion in Academic Rank
3.3.2a P & T Advisory Committee Advisory Committee Scholarship Document
3.3.2b Discovery
3.3.2c Teaching Scholarship
3.3.2d Application / Practice Scholarship
3.3.2e References
3.3.3 Guidelines for the Rank of Instructor
3.3.4 Guidelines for Rank of Assistant Professor
3.3.5 Guidelines for Rank of Associate Professor and Professor
3.3.6 Guidelines for Rank of Specialist
3.4 Mid Probationary Review
3.5 SON Post Tenure Evaluation Guidelines
3.6 SON Promotion and Tenure Appeals Procedure
3.7 HSC Guidelines for Establishing Rank and Tenure
3.8 Curriculum Vitae Maintenance
3.9 Clinical Track faculty members on SON P and T Committee
Chapter 4 - Faculty Information
4.1 Faculty Assembly Bylaws
4.1.1 Format for Minutes for the School of Nursing
4.2 Blank
4.3 Bylaws of the Graduate Faculty Assembly and the Graduate Faculty Council
4.4 Policy re: Recommendation of Nursing Faculty to the GSBS for Grad Faculty Membership
4.5 Blank
4.6 Awards - School of Nursing Faculty
4.7 Adjunct Faculty without Salary
4.8 Nursing Advisory Council
4.9 Compensation Plan
4.10 Blank
4.11 Faculty Practice Document
4.12 Undergraduate Preceptorship Statement for the School of Nursing
4.12.1 Use of Clinical Preceptors in Undergraduate Program
4.13 Blank page
4.14 Graduate Clinical Preceptor for the School of Nursing
4.15 Office of the Nursing Research and Scholarship
4.15.1 Staff Responsibilities and Services
4.15.2 Research Policies and Guidelines
4.15.3 Policies Regarding School of Nursing Research Support
4.15.4 Funding
4.15.5 Guidelines for Seeking Approval of Conduct Research Involving SON Faculty, Staff, or Students
4.15.6 Research Tracking Document
4.15.7 Research Grant Proposal Review and Signature Sheet
4.16 Guidelines for Disabled Students
4.16.1 Policies Concerning Students with Disabilities
4.17 Registered Nurse / Licensed Vocational Nurse Peer Review Plan
4.18 Class Visitors
4.19 Blank
4.20 Emergency Procedure / Protocol
4.20.1 Occurrence / Incident Report
4.21 Essential Personnel
4.22 Guidelines for Artwork Displayed Outside of Personal Office Space
4.23 Blank
4.24 Blank
4.25 Non-UTHSCSA Teaching Assistants
Chapter 5 - Curriculum and Related Information
5.1 Written Evaluations of Students
5.2 Scheduling Classes, Learning Labs and Clinical Practicums
5.3 Course and Clinical Evaluation Process
5.4 Curriculum Resources Center and Information Technology Services.
5.5 Clinical Skills Laboratory
5.6 Ordering Textbooks
5.7 Blank page
5.8 Guidelines for Use of Teaching Materials
5.9 Electives, Policies, and Procedures
5.10 Standard Course Description for Graduate Electives
5.11 Guidelines and Procedures for Graduate Students Registering for NURE 5115, 5215, 5315 Application of Research in Nursing
5.12 Application of Research - Mentored Research Scholars
5.13 Guidelines and Procedures for Undergraduate Independent Study Courses
5.13.1 Undergraduate Independent Student Courses
5.14 Guidelines and Procedures for Graduate Independent Study Courses
5.15 Examination Policy
5.16 Guidelines for Exam Administration
5.17 Blank page
5.18 Interactive Video (IAV) Course of Class Videotaping Faculty Guidelines
5.19 Interactive Video (IAV) Course of Class Videotaping Student Guidelines
5.20 Blank page
5.21 Syllabi Definition
5.22 Blank page
5.23 Clinical Placements for Nursing Students Policy and Procedure
5.24 Standard Course Description for Graduate Courses
5.25 Blank page
5.26 Undergraduate Course Consistency Policies
5.27 Blank
5.28 Request Process for Online Webct Course Electronic Back-Up And Archival By Information Technology (IT)
Support Web Services
Chapter 6 - Support Services
6.1 Guidelines for Staff Support Services
6.2 Telephone
6.2.1 Policy for Voice Mail
6.3 Blank
6.4 Blank
6.5 Office Assignment
6.6 Blank
6.7 Blank
6.8 Blank
6.9 Classification and Compensation Administration
6.10 Reporting of Incidents
6.11 Blank
6.12 Lounges
6.13 Electrical Appliances
6.14 Mail
6.15 Security
6.16 Staff Volunteering
6.17 Conference and Classrooms in School of Nursing